Attn: Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest et al. SILENCE = DEATH

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Months ago, Julianne Moore attended the London premiere of her awful lesbian movie, The Kids Are Alright. The dress is a version of this one from Lanvin’s SS 11 collection: This random slamming together of disparate elements can make some really beautiful things.  Marco Annelli official photographer for Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present captured … Continue reading

Conversating: Eva Mendes, Romantic Colonialism, Sex Work, Old White Ladies

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I’m tired of sewing

When you’re a drag queen and you look like me: You get 2 questions all the time: Did you do your own makeup? and Did you sew your own costumes? The answer to both is usually yes.  I can’t really afford a makeup artist at beck and call and really, when was the last time … Continue reading

Involuntary Kegels

There are some things that I don’t do well with. Bad art.  Stupid people.  Height. Only one of them results in me doing a fierce kegel exercise for an extended period of time.  What’s a kegel? So yeah.  I don’t do well with height. Check this out: Not clenching yet? Try this: You can thank … Continue reading

Inside Voices

In the second to last episode of this last season of Project Runway, Tim Gunn made his customary home visits and then the designers showed mini collections on the runway and one more designer, was eliminated.  The next day, the online chatter was about the homes of the designers, Mondo’s black and white tiled studio, … Continue reading

The hierarchy of prejudice.

The It Gets Better Project was started by Dan Savage as a response to the rash of suicides in September 2010 that were attributed in part or in entirety to bullying of LGBT youth in schools.  The project basically invites anybody to make a video and post it on YouTube as a kind of message … Continue reading

Married to the wrong idea

The mid-term elections took place today and lots of interesting things happened.  Most important of all, I finally tasted the McRib.  That would be this thing down here: We got to McDonald’s because my dear friend Brian went and tried to vote and realized, at the polls that he wasn’t registered.  So to soothe his … Continue reading