Douche Talking: Tina Dragone

When I started this blog, one of the things I didn’t want to be was an activist blog that rants and raves at various issues or people of the day.  Lots of blogs do that.  Very Well.  JoeMyGod for example, I read it daily, you should too.

But some kinds of people need to be highlighted, because I have a stinking suspicion that not enough people will know about them.  Sometimes, they’re good people.  This isn’t one of those times.

Meet Tina Dragone!

owner of Tina Dragone a boutique in Westport, Connecticut.

Here’s what Ms Dragone had to say at a Planning and Zoning Committee meeting recently about the prospect of a Goodwill store opening across the street from her boutique (Goodwill is already in Westport).

“I run a very upscale, fine women’s clothing store here in Westport. I’ve been here for 10 years.

I am very familiar with the Goodwill Industries. What I have just handed Mr. (Planning and Zoning Director Larry) Bradley is about 32 pages of arrests that have been made at the Goodwill Industries.

There has been larceny, shoplifting, handbags stolen. In the morning when you go up to—I am a member of the Westport Bank—when you’re coming out of the Westport Bank and the trucks are unloading, the traffic is blocked for minutes after minutes after minutes.

You just sit there and—as far as something of this sort coming across the street from our store, we are totally women oriented.

We have—we cater to women. We have children coming in and out. We have Calico Corners next door which is all women. And to have this kind of element coming into our neighborhood is ludicrous.

And we are really afraid. Sometimes I am in the store by myself. Sometimes I have two women in the store. There is a nail salon—Lux Nail Salon adjacent to my business. It is—we all cater to women. So we’re just a little afraid of this type of element coming in.

I have a 10-year lease. And I plan to be there a lot longer than 10 years. However, with something of this sort coming across the street from my business, I don’t know how well this is going to turn out. I don’t know. I don’t have the crystal ball.

However, I totally oppose the Goodwill Industry coming across the street. I think Westport being such a beautiful community could have a better choice as to what goes in over there.

And they are sugar-coating this talk about these consignment stores. Roundabout (Designer Consignments, 170 Post Road West) is some of those designer consignments—have very upscale merchandise. They are small little stores and they do not have loading docks.

And they do not have the type of element nor do they hire the type of element that Goodwill Industries hires.

And through the grapevine I have heard through people because I am out there in the retail industry they do hire ex-convicts and I don’t think this is right for the town of Westport. I think we can do better. Thank you.”

(Transcript and photo: Westportnow. Emphasis mine)

You know who used to own a house in Westport?  This ex-convict:



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