The hierarchy of prejudice.

The It Gets Better Project was started by Dan Savage as a response to the rash of suicides in September 2010 that were attributed in part or in entirety to bullying of LGBT youth in schools.  The project basically invites anybody to make a video and post it on YouTube as a kind of message to young people who are struggling with bullying and possibly contemplating suicide and convince them not to do it because life will get better after they leave school.

The project has noble intentions and people have been participating in large numbers, everyday people online, and later on celebrities queer or otherwise.  The project has not been without its critics, notably Zoe Melissa tempcontemptress wrote a detailed and widely circulated critique of it.

Now that President Obama has participated, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and Broadway Impact have together created their own video with stars from the great white way.  Here it is:

When I was in college, in the performing arts department we had a term for a particular kind of student.  We called them Muffins.  Muffins were not just musical theatre students, they were a particular kind of musical theatre student who sang in the hallways, were always cheerful, always looked clean and scrubbed, didn’t really care about a world larger than musical theatre and who I imagined would break out their jazz hands when they orgasmed.  You know the type.  The Muffins I knew would have been really moved by this video and it is nothing if not sincere.

But here’s my problem.  The video switches at about 8:00 from making gay and “different” kids feel good about themselves to one encouraging hating on people who are fat and poor

Thank you stars of Broadway (really Nathan Lane and that skinny guy who thinks he’s better looking than other people) for helping to articulate the pecking order of prejudice and who deserves to keep living for it to get better and who doesn’t.  It’s a lovely message without your BS.

Way to go.

2 Responses to “The hierarchy of prejudice.”
  1. tempcontretemps says:

    Becca, I love this post. I feel like a lot of the videos express the same thing. I watched about 80 of them and usually, just when it seemed okay, the speaker would whip out someone to throw under a bus.

    One note. Zoe Melissa did not write my blog. Zoe Melissa kindly reposted my blog, contributing to its wide circulation. Can I get an edit? thx!

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