Months ago, Julianne Moore attended the London premiere of her awful lesbian movie, The Kids Are Alright.

The dress is a version of this one from Lanvin’s SS 11 collection:

This random slamming together of disparate elements can make some really beautiful things.  Marco Annelli official photographer for Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present captured this perfectly one morning:

Matthew Barney (L) and Bjork(R)

That dynamic duo made this thing of beauty:


Isadora Bjarkadottir Barney

Speaking of Marina Abramovic and hybrid creatures, there was this one from her past too:


Relation in Time, Marina Abramovic and Ulay

And then the other night, I was watching Glee when Chris Colfer did his duet himself:

And the bi-gendered juxtaposition made me think about the reliably glorious Comme Des Garcons and their AW 06 collection.  I still frequently wonder who buys this stuff for herself.  She must be cool.

Cute huh?  Something about the idea looked familiar to me and last year, Resurrection and 1stdibs.com sold Marcia Berger’s collection of vintage Martin Margiela and that’s when the lightbulbs went off:

Also, Dancing House in Prague:

Of course this sort of construction isn’t always so deliberately obvious.  See this dress, constructed from 2 T-shirts by Take Off Your Clothes:

And of course sometimes the whole point of putting things together is to be as seamless as possible, like in this case:


The world’s first face transplant patient Isabelle Dinoire, before she was attacked by a dog, after the attack, surgery and reocvery with makeup and after the surgery without makeup.

Thought I have to admit, I think it’s often so much better not to hide the illusion.


TwoSome by Martino Gamper


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