Nomad Hoarders

Sometimes I feel like I want to look like someone just ate an Upper East Side (New York, I’m not referring to Pasir Ris in Singapore) thrift store and took a big, hot steaming shit on me.  All of it, just hanging off my already gigantic body. And then, I saw this, Liu Wen (yay … Continue reading

Lessons from 2010

It wasn’t an easy year for me, but there were many thing I learned.  I hope I remember them moving forward.  Hence this blog posting. ABOUT ART The celebration of effort frequently results in a celebration of mediocrity. Authenticity is not excellence. It is possible for something to be completely over. Experience is not a … Continue reading

Grotesque Engorged Obfuscation

Celebrity Fat Club

This is a big one.  I believe in value. We’re coming to the end of the year which also usually means the end of the (fashion) winter, soon, stores will be stocked with bikinis mocking the cold and the obese. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love the very cold … Continue reading

Adjacency and censorship

When I went to school in Singapore at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and studied Mass Communications, one of the first classes I took was taught by a man named Steve Milakov.  I enjoyed his class.  And one of the the things he taught us was about the concept of adjacency.  What happens when you place an … Continue reading



Months ago, Julianne Moore attended the London premiere of her awful lesbian movie, The Kids Are Alright. The dress is a version of this one from Lanvin’s SS 11 collection: This random slamming together of disparate elements can make some really beautiful things.  Marco Annelli official photographer for Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present captured … Continue reading

The hierarchy of prejudice.

The It Gets Better Project was started by Dan Savage as a response to the rash of suicides in September 2010 that were attributed in part or in entirety to bullying of LGBT youth in schools.  The project basically invites anybody to make a video and post it on YouTube as a kind of message … Continue reading

Grapefruit Friday

Whenever you see a Lady Gaga costume this weekend, think about an internet meme. I have named these posts for Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, which changed my life.

Strictly Dickly – That’s what she said.

When you’re a faggot like I am, people seem to assume that you spend most of your life obsessed with cock. I find this very offensive. I spend ALL my life obsessed with cock.  Size, shape, color, texture, smell, taste, and if you do it right, sound.  The way cocks feel in my hand, between … Continue reading

Grapefruit Friday

(After Gillian Wearing) Think of something about yourself that you want to share. It should be the following things: 1.  It could get you in trouble outside a private space. 2.  Sharing would bring you pleasure. 3.  Others learning it could shock them in a way that you find delicious Write this in a thick … Continue reading