Grapefruit Friday

Whenever you see a Lady Gaga costume this weekend, think about an internet meme. I have named these posts for Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, which changed my life. Advertisements

Gross Fat GenderFuck Drag Royalty

By now, many of you have probably read that fabulous blog post about Mike & Molly, on the Marie Claire blog written by previously unknown to me, but now reviled by any one with half a brain, Maura Kelley.  You haven’t seen the offending blog entry?  Well you can see it right here! Maybe you’re … Continue reading

Strictly Dickly – That’s what she said.

When you’re a faggot like I am, people seem to assume that you spend most of your life obsessed with cock. I find this very offensive. I spend ALL my life obsessed with cock.  Size, shape, color, texture, smell, taste, and if you do it right, sound.  The way cocks feel in my hand, between … Continue reading

Grapefruit Friday

(After Gillian Wearing) Think of something about yourself that you want to share. It should be the following things: 1.  It could get you in trouble outside a private space. 2.  Sharing would bring you pleasure. 3.  Others learning it could shock them in a way that you find delicious Write this in a thick … Continue reading


A few months ago, OK Go made a music video with dogs, and oodles of white Ikea furniture. It was awesome! And then Ikea in the UK got all like “Oh no you don’t!”  We got more modular furniture than you!  And we see you trained dogs and raise you untrainable cats. And now Ksubi … Continue reading

On Glee and Sexytimes

Today images from November’s GQ went round and round the web. Images of three actors from uber wholesome Glee being uber unwholesome, shot by (surprise, surprise) Terry Richardson. Actually, correction, that’s just Lea Michelle and Diana Argon being unwholesome and Cory Monteith looking like he’s scored some but also looking a bit bemused. See: Let’s … Continue reading

Granny panties

Imagine this for a moment.  You’re a fag, in the army (this is not a DADT commentary) and you know you’re into fashion.  Your mother is a home economics teacher, but she really doesn’t want you to sew and would prefer you handle her sewing machine as much as you handle her clitoris.  And most … Continue reading

Sometimes a re-read changes your life

So there has been a bunch of discussion in various places about Marc Jacobs’ SS 11 collection for Louis Vuitton. You know this one: You can see the entire show covered on here! Speaking for a moment as a slitty eyed chinky face – These are NOT clothes that are meant to be bought … Continue reading

Harvard gets tasty.

So there are some things that Harvard is good for.  Well many things I suppose.  But here’s something they’re doing with undergrads.  A class about science and cooking featuring guest lectures by the veritable who’s who of the movement, here, Ferran Adria and Jose Andres. What?  Also, nerdiest opening remarks ever.  Also it’s 2 hours … Continue reading