The Amazing Race

I recently met a family friend again after probably 4 years. She introduced me to her boyfriend of 3 years.  He lives in the US, and they see each other 5 weeks a year, 2 of them when he’s is Singapore for work and 3 of them when she visits on her vacation time.  Nobody … Continue reading

Inside Voices

In the second to last episode of this last season of Project Runway, Tim Gunn made his customary home visits and then the designers showed mini collections on the runway and one more designer, was eliminated.  The next day, the online chatter was about the homes of the designers, Mondo’s black and white tiled studio, … Continue reading


A few months ago, OK Go made a music video with dogs, and oodles of white Ikea furniture. It was awesome! And then Ikea in the UK got all like “Oh no you don’t!”  We got more modular furniture than you!  And we see you trained dogs and raise you untrainable cats. And now Ksubi … Continue reading