Nomad Hoarders

Sometimes I feel like I want to look like someone just ate an Upper East Side (New York, I’m not referring to Pasir Ris in Singapore) thrift store and took a big, hot steaming shit on me.  All of it, just hanging off my already gigantic body.

And then, I saw this, Liu Wen (yay Asian!) shot by Thomas Schenk for Vogue Spain, January 2011 issue.

Prepare for the pretty:

Part of what feels so resonant about these images is the way they run completely counter to the whole movement to equate “modern” with pared down minimalist simplicity.  Of clothing that skims the body in clean lines and colors that are muted at brightest, black being the gold standard.

I just don’t think it’s the way people really live.

Case in point.  The iphone.  Yes, the phone itself is narrow, sleek and could pass for a pantyliner on a heavy flow day, but just look at how people use the piece of technology.  They run around completely loading the thing with apps that strike their fancy and few then get rid of apps they no longer use.  In a way, the iphone is a way to be a hoarder, and to carry your hoarding habit with you everywhere, and not have it show.  The photos above just seem so much more honest.

If the images and the approach look vaguely familiar to folks who read this blog thing regularly (hello you 3! you’re the cool kids!), then let me refresh your memory, behold the Kenzo 40th anniversary retrospective shown as part of their Spring Summer 2011 show.


Let’s just be real about, it, not everybody is going to walk around looking like that.  Which is a shame really, but such is life, what are you going to do about it?  There are of course accessory options, this just made me feel like a style expert on the Today show or The View, but it is true.  Just as you can go to a craft fair and buy some handmade jewelry that is small and inconspicuous but crafty and feel like you’re being bohemian, you can too can buy jewelry that looks like someone took a very expensive, post vintage eating crap on your wrist or neck.  Justin Guinta of Subversive Jewelry is a master of this aesthetic, I even own a couple of his necklaces from his collaboration with Target (don’t judge)

photos: Subversive Jewelry

Some how that seems so much more interesting than Pandora bracelets with their carefully mismatched but matching beads.  Also designed to be just a little bit different, but totally inconspicuous, such is the  new American individualism.  Subversive’s Guinta uses salvaged materials to create his incredible work, much the way Noki uses salvaged thrift store finds to create their anti-capitalist couture.  I swear I dream of looking like this, but bigger, so more space for more cheap shit to get piled on:


I leave you now with the collection that took my breath away all the way back when it was shown and then recently again.  Channeling Leigh Bowery and Goan raves and Christmas, John Galliano Spring Summer 2003.  I even tried to look like this for a show once.  See?

photo:  Vanessa Marquez

Yes, that is a pizza box on my head.  Okay, fine, that’s three pizza boxes on my head.  And?

Okay, Galliano!


3 Responses to “Nomad Hoarders”
  1. Crystal says:

    I’d love to see the whole look you were sporting. I think the pizza boxes/hat is adorable.

    To be honest, while there is a part of me that even at 32 is SCREAMING to dye bright blue streaks into my hair and fetish up my every day wardrobe, I tend to keep it subversive. I have a tank top and a flowy skirt that when I pair it with a larger necklace pendant feels “bohemian” (although it’s probably anything but). I have a classic Tiffany bracelet that I had the word “slut” engraved on the reverse side, rather than my initials. In short, while part of me would love to dress like that, deep down I’m still too self conscious, too scared of what others will think (Ironic, when what I do professionally is write smut and lecture about sex, but there it is) and I stick to preppy, boring shit for the most part.

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Must always love the Kenzo my friend.

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