Elevated Utilitarianism

Thinking that the DADT repeal was going to happen soon,  I was shopping at an army surplus store as I tend to, looking at combat pants in XXL and XXXL and I just kept thinking that those pants would be so great if they were completely covered in sequins.  Sparkly, combat pants in a hunting … Continue reading

Strictly Dickly – That’s what she said.

When you’re a faggot like I am, people seem to assume that you spend most of your life obsessed with cock. I find this very offensive. I spend ALL my life obsessed with cock.  Size, shape, color, texture, smell, taste, and if you do it right, sound.  The way cocks feel in my hand, between … Continue reading


A few months ago, OK Go made a music video with dogs, and oodles of white Ikea furniture. It was awesome! And then Ikea in the UK got all like “Oh no you don’t!”  We got more modular furniture than you!  And we see you trained dogs and raise you untrainable cats. And now Ksubi … Continue reading