Strictly Dickly – That’s what she said.

When you’re a faggot like I am, people seem to assume that you spend most of your life obsessed with cock. I find this very offensive. I spend ALL my life obsessed with cock.  Size, shape, color, texture, smell, taste, and if you do it right, sound.  The way cocks feel in my hand, between … Continue reading

Granny panties

Imagine this for a moment.  You’re a fag, in the army (this is not a DADT commentary) and you know you’re into fashion.  Your mother is a home economics teacher, but she really doesn’t want you to sew and would prefer you handle her sewing machine as much as you handle her clitoris.  And most … Continue reading

Harvard gets tasty.

So there are some things that Harvard is good for.  Well many things I suppose.  But here’s something they’re doing with undergrads.  A class about science and cooking featuring guest lectures by the veritable who’s who of the movement, here, Ferran Adria and Jose Andres. What?  Also, nerdiest opening remarks ever.  Also it’s 2 hours … Continue reading