Strictly Dickly – That’s what she said.

When you’re a faggot like I am, people seem to assume that you spend most of your life obsessed with cock.

I find this very offensive.

I spend ALL my life obsessed with cock.  Size, shape, color, texture, smell, taste, and if you do it right, sound.  The way cocks feel in my hand, between my lips, pressed on my forehead, stabbing my belly etc etc etc.

So imagine my surprise and delight  at the sheer amount of cock in my inbox these last two days.

The first instance came courtesy of the Guggenheim Museum and Youtube by way of their Play Biennial shortlist – check it out, video art on your computer, in the comfort of your own home!  No need to stand awkwardly in a darkened gallery starting a video in the middle and all the rest of the weirdness that appears to have become what you do in museums.

Did you see it, bouncing, for just a hot second, but there was definite movement.  Now imagine the roof of your mouth was his shorts.  You know how this goes.

And then, well everything is bigger and oddly coyer in Texas.

I just have a question.  If you have a giant red dick, and it rains on your face, do you call that a facial?  or do you call that a golden shower?  And if you’re thirsty and swallow some of that rain, does that make it a bukkake scene?  The questions that have to be answered when you’re around the cock obsessed…

Well then today, released their latest The Fashion Body film and, well,what can I say?  british people are weird.

Enjoy the NSFW goodness at this link HERE!


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