Granny panties

Imagine this for a moment.  You’re a fag, in the army (this is not a DADT commentary) and you know you’re into fashion.  Your mother is a home economics teacher, but she really doesn’t want you to sew and would prefer you handle her sewing machine as much as you handle her clitoris.  And most clothes you see for sale are kinda boring.  And you wonder how you can make interesting things.

And then you read about this crazeee couple in New York name Tara Subkoff and Matt Damhave and they have a fashion line called Imitation of Christ and they buy clothes from thrift stores and remake them into stuff they sell for a lot more money.  And a light bulb goes off in your be-helmeted head.  You can do that too.  Remember Imitation of Christ?

Them of the fashion show at a funeral home with models as mourners? And the reverse fashion show? And the movie premiere fashion show?




Face and legs!

Think and chew!

Alek Wek giving face!

Double over the shoulder

Giving couple realness

Spirit Day!

Thank you for helping unlock my crazy.

Of course all this did was unlock the crazy.  I mean, I might wear a dress now and then, but umm, not like that.  So sweet. So pretty.  So, how do I say this?  The cellulite on my thighs is more decorative than the little swatch of lace in Stella Tennant’s skirt.

Then I discovered Noki.  JJ Hudson changed my life.  I mean, I say that about a lot of things, I just said that about Susan Sontag for instance.  But really, the way he does things, changed my life, not necessarily for the better, but sometimes when your crazee gets unlocked, you need something else to push you a bit more over.  This was one of them.

Noki showed at FashionEast for Spring Summer 08 at London Fashion Week

Bad hair day warrior

Stinky panty lady

Your bourgeoisie stank

And then recently Noki did the first ever fashion show at a music festival

Free and easy!

And then this year, Noki opened a store at 123 Bethnal Green in London! Whee.  And more photos!

AIDS on the crotch

Totes stealing the split pant chap idea

Sweater scarf blanket realness

This is what I want to be when I grow up.
Also, why aren’t we hearing more people talking about this awesomeness?
Okay, off to figure out my own split pants chaps.

Imitation of Christ and Noki runway photos:
Noki festival photo: Kim Howells
Nokie lookbook images: Lovebox


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