A few months ago, OK Go made a music video with dogs, and oodles of white Ikea furniture. It was awesome!

And then Ikea in the UK got all like “Oh no you don’t!”  We got more modular furniture than you!  And we see you trained dogs and raise you untrainable cats.

And now Ksubi is all “Dude! Trust the British to put the Pussy in the Swede and not the Swede in the pussy!” Except Ksubi is Australian, so substitute “Mate” for “Dude” yo!  And So Ksubi just said “I see your lazy curious kitties and raise you farm animals doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

It’s so good, I thought you’d have to click through to see it.  Not spoil the surprise. if you know what I mean.  And by that I mean that I can’t get mofoing vimeo to embed on mofoing wordpress.  WTF?

See the gorgeousness HERE!


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