Sometimes a re-read changes your life

So there has been a bunch of discussion in various places about Marc Jacobs’ SS 11 collection for Louis Vuitton.
You know this one:





You can see the entire show covered on here!

Speaking for a moment as a slitty eyed chinky face – These are NOT clothes that are meant to be bought by me and my brethren.  Who really buys Louis Vuitton clothes anyway?  They buy bags.

And these clothes were designed to be worn by white models carrying Louis Vuitton bags so that my chinky brethren get to feel like the world accepts us.  I know, it’s fucked up, but oh well, such is the charming vortex of racism from the West and internalized racism in the East.

BUT, I have MJ (not the dead one) to thank for something else that happened.  So apparently all seats at the LV SS 11 show had a copy of Susan Sontag’s Notes on “Camp” on them along with notes on the show.  I re-read her writing again last night.  My life has new meaning.

Maybe yours will too.  Read it HERE!


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